Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas is a city where visitors can win big if they have enough luck. But what would happen if one of the unluckiest men took his family on a gambling trip here? That is the premise of Vegas Vacation, a 1997 comedy film.

This is the fourth movie to feature the hapless Griswold family, headed by the patriarch Clark. Once they arrive in the city, they decide to experience the different shows which are common in casinos. They first watch a performance by Siegfried & Roy. They then see iconic singer Wayne Newton live at a casino concert.

However, Clark’s primary goal is to score a massive jackpot at one of the famous gambling establishments of Las Vegas. The family decides to have an “alone day” where they can each be left to their own devices. This allows Clark to spend as much time as he wants at the casino.

As Clark is a perpetually unlucky character, he inevitably ends up with a losing streak while playing blackjack. Meanwhile, his son does much better and soon becomes a high roller. He even manages to win four cars; one for each member of the Griswold family. This means that Clark still leaves the city as a winner.

Before they leave, the Griswolds decide to have a quick game of keno. This is very similar to a lottery. The family befriend an elderly gentleman who explains that he has lived a lonely life. Clark says that the man can act like a member of the Griswold family, an offer that he accepts. This shows how casinos can bring strangers together.

The Griswolds do not have a winning keno ticket. However, the elderly man ends up winning the jackpot. Sadly, he passes away from excitement, but not before telling Clark to take his ticket. After some soul searching, Clark decides to honour the dying man’s wish.

Clark gives some of the winnings to his poor cousin. He also uses the money to renew his wedding vows. At the end of the film, the family drives off in their newly won cars.