Top Online Casino Winners

Every casino player fantasises about winning big, say a million dollars or so, but do you know that it is possible to win more than that? There are online casino players out there who have made history by winning a life-changing amount of money while playing at online casinos. Here are three of them:

Jon Heywood: €17.87m

Jon was a British soldier who proved to the gambling world that you don’t have to be a whale or a high roller to win millions of euros. He won €17.87m while playing a Betway slot, in 2015. With all this money, he had every reason to purchase Bentley Continental GT, a huge upgrade from Fiat Punto, which he had previously owned. He also used part of the money to treat his relatives to a Mediterranean cruise. Sure, €17.87m is not pocket change, and some of us dream to have even a quarter of it in our entire lifetime. What a win!

The Finnish Player’s €17.8m

The winner of €17.8m was a Finnish poker player who won his fortune while playing Mega Fortune in 2013. The money, which he won at Paf Casino, became a world record. The player said that he planned to use part of the money to upgrade his car, as well as share it with relatives. Given that staggering figure, it’s not hard to imagine that he did just that.

Neil, the Scottish First-Time Player: £6.3m

Neil won a whopping £6.3m in 2017 while playing at Casumo Casino. After making his first deposit of £30, Neil, who was a beginner in casino gambling, did not know that he was only one hour away from hitting the jackpot with a single spin on the Hall of Gods. One interesting thing is that he had used only £4 of his deposit to play the jackpot slot.

After winning, Neil did not believe it at first and could not resist calling his wife to ascertain the veracity of the win. Since he was a Liverpool FC fan, he purchased a season-long ticket at Anfield to satisfy his footballing curiosity. Together with his wife and children, he toured Disney World. Neil also planned to give back to the society by donating some of the money to Macmillan Cancer Research.