The Makeshift Casinos Of RDR

Red Dead Redemption is a video game series that is set in the Wild West of America. During this period of history the US did not have such a wide abundance of casinos. After all, the city of Las Vegas had not even been built yet.

Despite this, the characters of RDR build their own makeshift casinos. This allows players to engage in several different forms of gambling. One of the first examples of this is found in the small town of Armadillo. A casino room can be entered from inside the local bar.

When players go there they will be met by a table of men playing poker. They can even join the game if they have enough funds. The rules for this and other card games in RDR work the same way as in real life, except with fictional money. Blackjack is a slightly more popular game in the old west and can be seen at various locations.

Online Mode

In the online version of RDR players are given a daily allowance of $200. This is not real money, just a fictional representation. Currency can not be accumulated in this game mode. This means that any jackpots attained will be useless when it comes to buying new outfits and weapons.

Instead, players engage in casino games during online mode just for the fun of it. If their allowance runs out then they have to wait until the next day before they can continue gambling.

Game Types

Card games are not the only form of gambling the Old West. Players can placer wagers on themselves to win other more obscure activities. This includes liar’s dice, horse shoes and arm wrestling. They can even gamble on five finger fillet, a game that involves the player striking the space between their fingers with a knife at a rapid speed.

Makeshift casinos make a return in the recent sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. This game is set in 1899, at a time when some casinos were forced to operate in secret. A number of underground gambling establishments can be found scattered across the map.